Custom Content.


Mediary's Custom Content Division

We know that there are times when you need to create a customised piece of content; something tailored, or something unique to your business, beyond the non-branded informative or educational blog.

That’s why we created Customary – a custom content solution for businesses needing specific content branded to their business – whether it’s a blog about a particular project or announcement, a script for your next sizzle reel, or content for your website, Mediary would love to help. We have a range of writers on board, and can produce content for as low as $0.40 per word.

So what can we create?

If you can call it content, Mediary can create it. We offer custom services to create anything from:

Custom Blogs


Video Scripts

Press Releases

Website Copy

Interview Scripts


Promotional and event material copy

Newsletter content

Just to name a few...