The Stages of Life: How to Rearrange Your Home as Your Kids Get Older.

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One of the most challenging aspects of raising kids is figuring out exactly how you can make your home child-friendly without moving to a new place. Renovations and home modifications can be expensive and time consuming, but have you ever considered rearranging your home? There are several ways you can move furniture and change the theme of rooms in your house to create more child-friendly spaces. Here's how.

Create a playroom for the toddlers

Toddlers tend to get into everything, which is why it's important to have a toddler-friendly space for youngsters. Consider making a child-friendly space where your toddler can play safely. This area should be free from anything your child might put in their mouth, as well as hard surfaces and sharp corners.

Consider using a dining room area as your playroom. You can easily add baby gates to keep your child in the area. This provides a safe place to keep your child's toys and playpen. Perhaps the best reason to use a dining room as a playroom is that you'll be able to easily see your child when you're in the kitchen or living room.

Organise a creative space for children

Primary school aged children can use creative spaces to draw, play and have fun. One way you can provide a safe space for them to play is to have two children share a bedroom and use the extra room as a playroom. Keep only beds and clothes in one room. Move all of the toys to the other room. This not only gives your kids a place to play, but it means their bedrooms will always be clean since there will be minimal clutter in there.

Consider a television room for teens

As your kids start to get older, they'll want to spend more time with their friends. Why not give them a television room? Basement spaces are absolutely perfect for this. Even if you have an unfinished basement, purchase some area rugs and used furniture and create a space where your child and their friends can hang out and have fun. You can also get a mini-fridge and provide snacks or drinks for the kids.

Remember that rooms in your house don't have to be used for the purpose the builder had in mind. Your house is yours, so don't be afraid to arrange it in a way that makes sense for your family. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable moving furniture around as needed to make your house as comfortable and useful as possible.

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