Don’t Miss This Top 5 Checklist for Getting Your Home Ready for Sale.

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1 Clean up Outside

Is your garden landscaped? Are the tiles on the porch chipped? Does the paving look grimy and need a good blast with a pressure hose? The first thing a buyer sees is the exterior of your home so give it all you’ve got. A house that looks run down does not appeal to anyone’s ego so give it a fresh coat of paint (not bright orange though) if necessary repair anything broken. A virtually flawless exterior gives the buyer nothing to worry about and makes them want to come inside.

2 Update Doors and Windows

This is like adding a well-cut jacket on top of your best outfit. Smart, modern doors and windows give a home an air of efficiency, where everything works. Don’t make them too fancy - rather present as much of a blank canvas as you can with good quality yet standard fittings.

3 Look Down

Floors are an intrinsic part of a home sale as they add so much to the interior atmosphere. Ensure any floorboards are polished and clean but even if they are a major feature of the home, don’t leave them completely bare. Placing a rug here and there is a wise idea as they add cosiness and warmth.

4 Spruce up the kitchen…but don’t go too far.

Readying your kitchen for a home sale is a fine line: if you splash out on lavish marble and designer fittings, buyers will feel like they’re paying for them too as well as the bricks and mortar – but on the flip side a dated kitchen can slash thousands off an asking price. Resolve the issue by choosing a neutral colour and repaint as much as possible. Replace outdated countertops with modern material but not the most expensive marble, and a new sink mixer can make just the right impression.

5 Think light and bright

Bring as much light as possible into the house and de-clutter like crazy. Airy, breezy, light and bright – these should be the calling cards of a home for sale. Anything dark and old-fashioned has to go including that brown and tattered lampshade with sentimental value because it belonged to a long lost relative.

First impressions are made quickly, and the smarter, cleaner and crisp your property appears the better.

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